Blog: Album Review | Away & Beyond, 2Face Idibia

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Album Review | Away & Beyond, 2Face Idibia

Artiste- 2 Face Idibia
Album- Away and Beyond (2012)
Label: Hypertek Entertainment
Copyright: (c) 2012 Hypertek Entertainment
Total Length: 57:52

Naija Star 2face Idibia has once again produced a musically and lyrically rich LP he tilted Away and Beyond. Tubaba mustered up different genres such as Reggae, RnB, Hip-hop, electro-pop, Naija afropop and surprisingly, some elements of Soukous for the 15 tracks album.

Not so surprising that the song Higher, opener of the piece, is a reggae composition, however adding Pakistani Huma Lara bollywood singing was an excellent and stunning addition to the spiritual healing song. Tuface also included a song special enough to replace African Queen and become the new love anthem for African Women. Rainbow is deep, soulful and the lyrics are just beautiful.

Such album also has to have some good afro-pop tunes for many Naija party nights to come. It is the case with songs like Keep on pushing, Ihe Neme and Omo No Dulling feat Dammy Krane and Rocksteady which should get derrieres banging as suggested by the lyrics. Tuface also added traces of Congolese pop music in some records. You can feel the Soukous like guitar riff in the intro and follow with an electronic clown of B\Ndombolo in Steady Steady. The same Congolese vibe is better felt in Bad Man Bad Girl, a duo with Ghanaian songstress Becca.

This new album will surely satisfy those who have been enjoying Tuface’s music since the beginning. Away & Beyond is deep, fresh and has enough creativity to put you in awe.

Listen to Tuface's Omo No Dulling ft. Dammy Krane, Rocksteady

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